Clean Up

Step 2: CLEAN UP

WHAT: Castile Soap Enema
WHEN: 2 days before anal sex

If you want your bum to squeak louder than the bedsprings, give yourself a soap enema. There are many different kinds of enemas, but the most immediately and effectively cleansing and therefore effective for anal sex confidence is the soap enema. Enema solutions mixed with soap are commonly used for basic cleansing prior to engaging in anal penetration.

The soap enema is generally made at home by mixing one quart of warm water with about 1/3 oz. of soap. Using soap in an enema solution will have an immediate effect on your actual cleanliness and feelings of freshness, giving you the confidence you need to enjoy a session of anal sex. If you do a soap enema, your anus will squeak louder than the bedsprings!

Not every soap is appropriate for anal cleansing. Castile soap is the most popular additive to enema solutions overall, and is one of the best soaps there is to create an enema solution that will prepare you for anal sex. Castile soap has been used in enema solutions since the earlier half of the twentieth century and comes in two forms: It can be purchased as a solid bar or in pre-measured individual packets of liquid soap. Plus, there are some inexpensive enemas that come with a packet of castile soap included. No matter the form Castile soap remains the number-one choice of enema users, as it always has been. It’ll get you squeaky clean.

Besides feeling good, enemas for anal sex also have long-term health benefits. If you use soap enemas for anal sex on a more regular basis, you will benefit from long-term health benefits as well. The soap in the enema solution irritates the lining of the intestines, which causes the intestines to build up a strong resistance and the colon to develop strong reactive contractions.